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Hi Wonderful Marty!  Our daughter A.  just wrote a paper on her life and how instrumental you were in helping her to be successful!  A.  is a sophomore at FSU and really loves it. Thanks again for everything.  M.J.- Bloomfield Hills, MI.

Hello Dr. Fletcher. Your name came up when I was talking about how my daughter saw you twice a week for a good 10-12 weeks back when she was in third grade. Well now she is going to graduate from high school and she is doing very well for herself. Her name A. M.. We would go to Ann Arbor for the sessions. I always tell people who you made the best influence on my daughters learning. From what I’ve been reading sounds like you’re doing very well and helping a lot of kids in the process.  A.M.- Flushing, MI.

For the first time in years my son believes he may actually have a future.  Self-esteem has sky rocketed….[He] has really started to take the first steps in the daily activities of his life.  Everything from picking up his room, cooking, and even homework.  T.J.- Ann Arbor, MI.

We all noticed improvement in his computer skills and he went from a 20 minute 100 question math test to finishing in 8 1/2 minutes this year!  His concentration has improved.  We tried “S___” which seems to be a substitute for something you could teach your child yourself.  You specialized to the weaknesses of the learner.  G.F- Ann Arbor, MI.

More Endorsements

“Dr.Martin Fletcher is a brilliant psychologist with a passion for helping school aged children, particularly in reading. He has put his heart and mind to developing an awesome program to teach young kids how to develop the cognitive skills for learning and pre-reading/ reading development skills. His passion for kids and their learning is clearly visible in his work with youngsters. He is a true professional and motivating to work with.” March 6, 2009

Terri (Knickerbocker) Alcazar V.P. Marketing, Quantum Learning Technologies
worked indirectly for Martin at Quantum Learning Technologies

“Martin has lead the industry in the application of cognitive development methodologies and technology integration into the gaming market. He recognized the science of creating a smart gaming environment was also a smart business opportunity and acted on it in a visionary manner years before the idea was mainstreamed. Today the programs Martin has invented, help thousands of new kids each month have fun while they work on developing skills mission critical to realizing their potential.” March 5, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Mark Dorn

“Dr. Fletcher is a true visionary. He has worked tirelessly to provide children with a truly engaging, educational and digital experience. It has been an honor and a privilege to work with him. I look forward to collaborating with him on even more exciting ideas and products in the future.” March 5, 2009

Will Kuchera VP, Product Development, Quantum Learning Technologies
reported to Martin at Quantum Learning Technologies

Endorsement from J.P. Das, Professor Emeritus/ Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

To Whom It May Concern

It gives me great pleasure to write a letter of reference
recommending Dr Martin Fletcher.

I have known Dr Fletcher for more than 10 years. I was an external examiner
for his doctoral thesis.  Since then, we have worked together in
clinical projects, specially relating to assessment and educational
intervention for special children including underachievers. We have
also presented together in educational and psychological workshops
relating to theory and application of innovative procedures for
assessment and remediation of learning difficulties.

I have watched him teach groups of teachers and school psychologists
during several workshops we gave together both in the USA and in
Canada. His delivery was clear and precise,and quite energizing
judging from the responses of the participants . He is an excellent
I have also observed him during clinical  teaching/remediation work
with individual children .On several occasions, not only I found him
to be an effective teacher/academic therapist , but also so
impressive that the mothers of the children he treated expressed
their deep appreciation. Even I was the recipient of unsolicited
gratitude  of parents on those occasions when I met them ; they would
thank me for creating the intervention programmes.

Specific points noted in your announcement: Good at interpersonal
Read, analyze, and interpret professional journals, technical
procedures, or governmental regulations
He has excellent skills  in carrying it out.
Excellent at communicating effectively and present information both in oral and in
written form

Define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid
conclusions. Eminently qualified
Interpret an extensive variety of statistical information and data
related to student achievement. Eminently qualified

Interact with public and other staff as required.
Apply knowledge of current replicated research and techniques related
to sensory issues. Eminently qualified.

In conclusion, I have no doubt that his skills and vast
experience with a variety of special children  will makes him an
effective leader and clinician. Additionally , he is an
valuable resource person for the families.
I would recommend Martin, an exceptionally qualified individual,
unequivocally for any position he is seeking.

J.P.Das  Ph.D. (University of London)
Research professor and Emeritus Director
Developmental Disabilities centre
University of Alberta,Edmonton
Fellow Royal Society of Canada

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