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  1. Whooray I got a link!


    Come play on Facebook you two when you get the chance…

    • DrMarty

      All you had to do was ask. This is just a hobby for me. Now link to my blog, b/b 98% of what I write is NOT math related. I still like new readers.

  2. DrMarty

    Hi Elizabeth. Thank-you for writing. I did not invent this approach. What I bring to the table is years of working as a cognitive psychologist and developing techniques. The genius behind this is Jerry Mortensen. There isn’t a lot of biographical information about him. If you live in my area, I’ll help you face to face. There is a learning curve b/c we want to go from concrete to abstract on everything. If you live too far from me, I would recommend you look at This man was trained by Jerry Mortensen. He puts up a lot of videos so you can check them out. You can also buy the blocks. Trust me. I’m not exaggerating anything I say. This stuff is amazing. You can also look at MathUSee which is a bit different, but the CEO was also a Mortensen Math trainer at one time. MathUSee mixes Saxon and Mortensen. I prefer pure Mortensen Math for reasons we can discuss. Also, some people are turned off by the strong religious message that comes along w/ MathUSee. You may like that about it.
    The earlier you start, the better off you will be. My 12 year old is different than my younger children. He has been turned off to math through the crummy products that the publishing companies make their fortunes off of so I am being gentle with him. The Doo Dah begs me to “play math” with her. When she says “play”, she means doing algebra and other advanced math including language problems. Here are some principles:
    1. We can only count to 9 in our system.
    2. We count how many and what kind.
    3. Imagination over memorization.
    4. Conceptual knowledge is the goal.
    5. We build problems. We don’t simply try to remember the meaningless procedures such as what is taught in most schools.
    6. In math we count. That is all we do. Honestly. Even division and subtraction is counting.
    7. Building rectangles serves as a universal frame of reference to apply to later abstract concepts. This is very important.
    8. You will be amazed at the elegance and clarity of this approach, I betcha!
    This is from me: I think that math is one of the most powerful ways to build a child’s curiosity and confidence. It can truly transform a child’s entire self-image. I don’t ever want my little girl to think she is less than the boys and I want the boys to know how brilliant they are. Your children are equally brilliant.
    I hope this helps. I am happy to help you and your four children in any way I can. I am a very busy psychologist, but I feel a calling to do this work. Partially b/c it is such an outright blast. We also do differential calculus. Best of luck to you, my friend. Please let me know how it all works out for you.
    P.S. How did you find me? If you like my blog, would you kindly pass it on to others. I learn so much from my readers and I love to have dialogue with other parents. I am a strong supporter of homeschooling and unschooling. My children made the choice to go to our public schools, so I’m just trying to hold back the tide. Good on you for taking on the most important work in the world!

  3. Elizabeth Stevens

    I am wondering where you learned about these math blocks and how to use them with your children. Where do you get the manipulatives? Do you have any other teachers that use them also? You call your system Game on Math. Do you have any manuals or dvd’s available? I am mother to 4 children ages 14-4 and I homeschool my youngest 3 children ages 7,5,and 4. I am very interested in learning more about these methods. Is there any suggestions as to where a beginner to teaching your children math should start!
    Thank you for your time,

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