About Dr. Fletcher

Martin Fletcher, Psy.D, L.P. Dr. Martin Fletcher is the founder at Renew Hope Counseling and nTune.  He is a fully licensed clinical psychologist. Dr. Fletcher holds advanced degrees in clinical psychology and education.  He earned his undergraduate degree at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and his doctorate at Center for Humanistic Studies. He focuses on treating anxiety disorders and depression.  His treatment approach involves quickly reducing symptoms while helping patients design and maintain health promoting lifestyles.  Dr. Fletcher is a husband to Kathy and dad to 3 sons and one daughter.  His interests include fitness, guitar, motorcycles, mountain biking, and exploring the role of spirituality in health.

Dr. Fletcher is fully licensed in the State of Michigan.

Dr. Fletcher is fully licensed in the State of Michigan.

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  1. This is a pretty insightful story to me. I have 5 children of my own, 1 with ADD & 1 with ADHD. Since I own & direct 2 childcare centers I see a variety of parents and children and know from personal experience that children have many different reasons for having social difficulties. For my ADHD guy who is 8. He has some traits like Dean (minus the violence and bullying). He learns far better when he is moving, he has ALOT to say (and most are very creative concepts) and all I want for him, as his mom, is for others to just appreciate him for all that he has to offer & to meet him where his skills and style is best suited. Currently my guy is in a private school environment where his teacher (for the past 2 years) is young, flexible and creative enough to create successes for him in the classroom. He is an excellent student. My fear in the years to come is that not all teachers will care about teaching the children as much as they care about getting to the end of their day in the same way that they did for the last 20 years. I hope more caregivers will love children & do what ever it takes to create successes for their styles of learning!

    • I think those are very good observations. You identify a real concern for me. With all of the pressures on teachers to raise standardized test scores, I’m wonder what effect this will have on our teachers. An adult under stress may find it difficult to focus on the real needs of the child. I think we need to take a good look at the purpose of education. Is it a jobs training program or a place to help the child develop?

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