Algebra w/ Doo Dah (she’s five) #math

People have asked to hear what the Doo Dah is saying, so I ducked the music down.  I know that this may disappoint all of those Herb Alpert fans out there.  Anyway, the purpose of the video is to show that even Algebra (especially Algebra) seems no different from most other games and puzzles.  Just pay attention to Doo Dah’s thinking and her emotion.

I started focusing on Math with two of my children.  Now all of them are asking to play math, including my 12-year-old.  The summer can be a great time to get way ahead in math before September.  We are going to make this one of the fun things we do this summer.  Pretty cool.


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Martin Fletcher, Psy.D, L.P. Dr. Martin Fletcher is the Shrink of The Shepherd and the Shrink Podcast. He is in private practice at Renew Hope Counseling where he also supervises a team of talented clinicians. In late 2019 Dr. Marty teamed up w/ Dr. Matt Hook to respond to the growing mental health crisis. The goal is to help people create healthy spiritual lives in order to restore meaning and purpose to individuals, families, and communities. Psychology meets spirituality. Dr. Fletcher holds advanced degrees in clinical psychology and education. His treatment approach involves quickly reducing symptoms while helping patients design and maintain health promoting lifestyles. Dr. Fletcher is a husband to Kathy and dad to 3 sons and one daughter. His interests include fitness, guitar, motorcycles, mountain biking, and exploring the role of spirituality in health. Dr. Fletcher is fully licensed in the State of Michigan.

4 thoughts on “Algebra w/ Doo Dah (she’s five) #math

  1. LOVE the enthusiasm of your daughter, but I have no idea what she accomplished. I didn’t hear the end game accomplishment or see it. I showed it to Nancy here in W. Virginia and she wanted to see what was accomplished and how it was done. I’m working hard to sell you here and need to have her believe it works. This video did not show that. I KNOW you’re AMAZING, now I need to prove it to others.:)

    1. She factored a trinomial on her own and had fun and some crackers. I had two objectives in editing the film. First, keep it down to around a minute. Second, show the thrill of solving an equation that most high school students have difficulty doing. I’ll make another getting into the mechanics of it. It goes from building, to drawing, then doing it in her little head. She can do this in her head now. She is no more a genius than the children you talk about and teach. The material was simply brought to her level. It is a beautiful thing. We also add word problems to it so she and her brothers can solve real world problems. Thanks for watching, friend. We have much to discuss. Also, she enjoyed a chip or two while she worked.

    1. Coming from the author of The Genius in Children, I have to feel humbled. Something got messed up w/ the subscriptions. If you have trouble getting the posts, just put your email into the right side margin of the front page. That will fix it. We miss your insights here.

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