What music does for the brain: An early Frank Allison recording

Local music fans understand, music enhances brain development.  We are learning more about it all the time as science has taken a keen interest.  Here’s Ghost of some fine girls, with the original line up including Frank, Michael Feeney on bass, Randy Sabo on Drums, and Martin Fletcher on guitar.  I loved this track. We recorded it in Frank’s Dad’s woodworking shop.  I think I was 17 or 18 years old.  Dig the stop and go bass and backwards guitar and heavy tom-tom use.  Very groovy.  Great song by Frank.  Real moody on an 8 Track reel to reel.  Thanks Mikey for sending this to me.

09 Ghost of some Fine Girl 1

The more we learn about music and brain development/rehabilitation, the more I am encouraging parents to get their kids playing music.  Check out Oliver Sacks’ book Musicophilia to begin understanding the mysteries of music LINK

Let me know if you have music tracks or books that inspire you and I’ll be pleased to share with colleagues, family and friends.

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