A Graduation

In my very first blog post, I mentioned the kid who told me that I was “torturing” another kid by badgering him to “sound out” words.  I have a follow up on this story.  Last week I got a graduation invite that read:

“Marty & Kathy,

Not sure you remember Dean from ____________ Elementary, but Marty you made an impact on us & we often think of you.  Hope you can stop by and see us.”

So, Kathy and I did stop by.  Dean is bigger than I am now.  I can no longer remember him as that little 2nd grader.  He likes to hunt and fish.  His grades were not great, but he graduated with his class.  He wants to become a DNR Officer.  When I knew him best, he wanted to be a veterinarian.

In all of these years, that family thought that I had helped them.  In reality, we helped each other.  I could finally tell Dean and his mom how much Dean had helped me.  You can see the original post here:


If Dean had not made that sincere remark to me, I would not have been so determined to read the literature on dyslexia and cognitive science.  I would not have worked so hard at finding ways to treat learning problems in fun and engaging ways.

As I drove off after the party, I was asking myself who helped whom?

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